Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chapter 2 The Ancient Near East - books on cart in front of room.

POST 2 - Please follow the link to this site.  Please take quiz 3,4, and 5.  As you take them please make a list of 15 important facts/

POST 3 - Please create/find a useful timeline of the Fertile Crescent from 4000bc - 500bc - please focus on inventions and leadership changes.  This maybe done on time toast and linked to this post.

POST 4- Pretend you are a travel agent and write a letter(one paragraph) to the Sumerians identifying another river valley the could have settled in instead of Mesopotamia.  The best posts will include a map or picture of the suggested region.

POST 5 - Write back to the travel agent as a Sumerian explaining why the Fertile Crescent was the ideal place to set up city-states.

POST 6 - Please find and link to a full text of Hammurabi's code.  In your post name 5 of his laws that you think we should enact today and explain why.

POST 7 - Write your own code in the style of Hammurabi for Northern HS.  Must include at least 12 laws.

POST 8 - Use pages 12-44.  Design and award the Most Important _______________ (person, empire, invention, idea, etc) of the early Fertile Crescent Empires.

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