Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First 3 Greek Blogs

Please label tham as I have them listed below:

GREEK BLOG #1 - Please take the 5 quizzes listed here (keep guessing until you get a 100%) and make a list of 2 5 things you learned.

GREEK BLOG #2 - Write a paragraph comparing/contrasting Sparta and Athens (include sources).  Folow that up with a paragraph explaining which one you would have wanted to live in and why!

GREEK BLOG #3 - Please post a link to at least 4 sites about greek mythology and then do one of the following:
1) create a chart that explains the structure of the Greek Gods in terms of stauts/power.
2) create a "family" tree for the Greek Gods.
3) find another way to show that you understand the complexity of Greek mythology.

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